whats better, the truth that will make you cry or a lie that will make you smile?

Now that gets me into thinking, and as i take a stroll down my path of thoughts, my brain pops another question, “is it that we can’t handle the truth or why is it that we love lies that much?” Don’t get it twisted yo, but i believe you’ve been lied to once or twice and fell for the lie, or maybe you’ve lied a couple of times to get yourself outta a tricky situation. I have done it severally, sometimes getting away with it and at times getting into trouble..like a certain day i live to remember when i lied to my girlfriend after getting caught with her best friend. You can imagine what happened next, but anyway that’s a story for another day.

Though people lie for different reasons, i still stand firm for the naked truth as painful as it can be.  As i was growing up the saying “speak the truth and the truth will set you free” was a common saying especially at our home whenever my mum found an empty sugar dish, having us all queue to testify who ate the sugar or else all of us would get a thorough beating. Its a thing with our politicians too, to lie shamelessly to their people who dumbly fall for their lies and manipulations while in clear minds they know they are being lied to. Am not done yet, its also a thing with our media playing some noisy rap songs that just praise drugs, sex, money, women, violence, etc (that doesn’t even make sense to me) and tell us that’s hip-hop, and that brings up another question, Whats hip-hop? and what is its role in the society?…but that’s a topic for another day.

As i conclude, lies ain’t bad when used at the right time or when necessary and the truth is the truth, it can never be covered it always have a way to come out. And as Leila Summers put it, ”Speak the truth with grace and integrity even though it might upset some people, you never know besides yourself who else it might help”.